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T B S is active in EU (2016-Ongoing)
T B S NOMADIC OFFICE (Processing...)
T B S and T B S NOMADIC OFFICE are part of " the hypernym project" called NON-ENTITY.ORG (N-E)

T B S it's open by Invitation or by Appointment**

N.B.: T B S it's an Immersive Research Project created in 2008 (incubated in 2006 under the name of Black Gallery Society) primarily to explore the endless possibilities of the matter that we call "Art" in relation to our Planet and the Human Being.
Example of a T B S's Part:
T B S Part One (Phase 1-2-3) T B S develops its experience following these points: Concepts-> Empathy/Human Feelings->Incubation->Site-specific Process/Contemporary Situation->.. ("dictated by time" through an heuristic approach).
2008- 2014, composed by "three declared phases": Temporary Black Space/Non-Authorial/Collective Phase /--> Artist as Curator as Organization-Utopic Institution/Project as Mind's Process : People's Attention and Perception /--> Nomadic Office and Contemporary Art as a War of Distorted Informations..

" In background, you can find random photos (past/new headquarter, event locations, details, works, texts, installations, performance,workshop, public, instruments, meetings,...
Thank you for your attention.."
**All projects are only open via registration (limit max 100 p.) Please kindly register by emailing us at michela@t-blackspace.com . Black Swan Theory as the subject header. Upon registration, further information will be provided via secured email.
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